The moving process is usually pretty exciting. You're about to start a new chapter in your life, and you can't wait to unpack all your boxes and make yourself at home in a new place. But when you have a lot of things, there's always a risk that something could get damaged during the move.

Fortunately, the most common types of property damage can be easily avoided, and the residential moving specialists at North Coast Moving & Storage can help you prepare for moving day with these tips on how to keep your property safe during your next move.

Protect Entrances and Stairways 

It's important to have the right tools on hand when you need to move anything heavy, bulky, or fragile. For example, we recommend using padded moving blankets to protect delicate wood areas or removing doors from their hinges so they can be moved safely away from accidental scratches or dents.

Secure Your Windows and Wall Décor

When you're moving, the last thing you want is to have your window coverings or even picture frames damaged while your movers are moving your bulky appliances out of your home. So be sure to remove these things before moving day.

Lawn & Landscape Protection

To ensure a safe pathway for your moving crew, make sure there are no bulky landscaping items in the way. Also, remove any hazards that you can, such as loose bricks or stones. If you find potential hazards that cannot be moved, alert your movers so they can plan accordingly.

Also, if your yard is wet or soggy, consider covering the grass with plywood, cardboard, or even plastic. This will protect your lawn from damage while keeping your floors clean and dry.

Check for Hazards

Properly sealed liquids and powders should be stored in boxes, while anything that cannot be re-sealed should be safely discarded. Also, be sure that you check the walkways for potential tripping hazards. Finally, all rugs should be taped down in their original location or even removed.

Protecting Your Floors

Make sure your floors inside your home are protected from dirt and debris by using plastic wrap or particleboard. Next, take some time in your garage to ensure that all lawn or vehicle chemicals or oils are properly disposed of—remember that your residential moving company may not move these items.

Let Our Professional Movers Help You Protect Your Property

Are you ready to start planning your next move? The turn to the number one choice in the Seattle area. At Northcoast Moving and Storage, we offer full-service residential or commercial moving services as well as short and long-term storage solutions. We are an agent of Allied Van Lines with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are certified Moving & Storage Association Pro Movers. 

Let our team of professional home movers take care of every aspect of your move—from packing to unpacking—so that you don't have to worry about it. In addition, we offer free in-home estimates and flexible scheduling so that you can get the service you need when it's most convenient for you.

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