Whether you’re moving across town, across multiple states, or even internationally, moving requires a lot of planning, physical work, and flexibility. Coordinating a move with a moving company typically makes the task much easier and often saves movers money, but did you know that you could also use your moving company for your storage needs?

Despite months of careful planning and even a smooth execution, sometimes a move just doesn’t go the way you thought it would. When that happens, you’re often left wondering what to do with everything you just boxed up and took with you. Even if the unexpected doesn’t happen, a move can require storage for any number of reasons.

Maybe you’re downsizing living spaces, or renovating the new residence. It’s possible that you get to your new residence and find something preventing you from moving in immediately. Whatever reason you find that your move requires storage, here is a list of benefits for utilizing your moving company’s warehouse storage during your move.

Efficient Services

You’ve already coordinated all of your moving needs regarding packaging, transportation, and delivery with a moving company, and that took coordination between you and your moving service provider. It doesn’t make sense to add another middle-man for storage needs. Streamlining the move with your moving company ensures that you only communicate with the same people from start to finish (and that minimizes confusion and the risk of lost items).

In addition to streamlining your services, utilizing warehouse storage during your move ensures that all of your items stay together even your big items like a vehicle. Warehouse storage facilities have temperature-controlled environments so nothing is damaged being too hot or too cold.

We mentioned unexpected changes during your move, and when that happens you have to be reactive. The flexibility that warehouse storage gives you to pay for services on an as-needed basis means that your items are stored when you need them, and delivered when you’re ready. There’re no contractual obligations, just the space you need when you need it. And warehouse storage has lots of space, so there isn’t a worry about cramming all of your items into a small container.

Get Peace of Mind with Warehouse Storage from Your Moving Company

North Coast Moving and Storage are residential movers who have all of the services available to ensure your next move is easy, smooth, and secure. During your next long-distance move, if you find a hitch in your plans, we offer warehouse storage with short or long-term solutions. Protect your peace of mind and make your move more efficient by utilizing our warehouse storage facility for all of your planned, and unplanned, needs.