Are you considering sourcing moving boxes by asking local retailers to donate them? That might seem like a good idea until you realize that most of those boxes were not intended to hold household goods—and that many of them will not provide the protection your belongings need in transit.

North Coast Moving & Storage provides quality local and long-distance moving services, and we’ve logged millions of miles. That experience means we know what types of boxes are best for packing different items. Take a look at the list below to learn about some of the most-used boxes we offer and consider which types you may need for your next relocation.

Small Size Moving Boxes

Small, sturdy moving boxes are perfect for books, canned goods, and other heavy items that would be difficult to lift if packed in a larger box.

Medium Size Moving Boxes

Medium moving boxes are versatile as they are ideal for holding anything from clothing to games and small appliances to plastic dinnerware. As with all moving boxes, be sure to take note of the weight limit listed on the box.

Large Size Moving Boxes

Choose large boxes as any easy way to transport bulky, lightweight items like blankets, comforters, stuffed animals, pillows, and winter coats.

Extra Tall Boxes

Golf clubs, fishing rods, and other tall narrow items fit perfectly in extra tall moving boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Your clothes will arrive at your new home ready to wear when you pack them in a wardrobe box. The box has a metal rod on which you hang your clothes just like you would in a closet. This helps keep them wrinkle-free during the move.

TV Boxes

These boxes are designed specifically to move large, flat-screen televisions, and they are sturdy enough to protect them while in transit.

Electronics Boxes

The thicker walls of an electronic box can handle the extra weight of items like computers and monitors and provide extra protection.

Dish Pack Boxes

Protect your everyday dishes or grandma’s China with a dish pack box. It contains dividers that protect fragile items, making this box ideal for dishes, glasses, vases, and more.

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

Instead of just wrapping your mattress in plastic, consider the extra protection provided by mattress bags and boxes. The sturdy boxes also feature handles that make it easier to move your mattress.

Large Picture/Mirror Boxes

The sturdy walls of this box protect large wall art and mirrors. Like mattress boxes, they feature handles for easy carrying.

File Boxes

Move your personal files in a file box rather than leaving them in a filing cabinet or desk drawer. This is a better option as you won’t have to worry about the papers falling out during the move.

Custom Crates

Consider custom crating for items that won’t fit in standard boxes or are especially fragile or valuable. A wood crate will be custom-built and will provide superior protection for items like artwork and antiques.

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