Electronics are some of the most valuable and sensitive items that you will pack when moving.  They may not seem like it, but electronics are also some of the most difficult items to pack up before a move.  Our household movers in WA have a few tips for you when you are packing.
Before you begin disconnecting and packing up your electronics, you should carefully label each cable as to what it connects to.  You should also take a picture to follow when reconnecting your electronics.  If you want to be extra careful, write yourself detailed instructions as you are disassembling. 
Whether it be a TV, DVR, DVD player, game console, personal computer or audio system, you need to ensure you have the proper materials to keep your electronics safe.  Often the best course of action is to reuse the original packaging.  If you do not have the original packing, most times you can receive a return kit from the company for little or no cost at all.  This is the best way to ensure your electronics are safe. 
If you need to pack your electronics yourself, it is important that you disconnect and wrap each piece separately using moving blankets or padding, packing tape, antistatic materials and double-walled cartons. 
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