Traditionally doing an in home estimate was the only way to get a real quote on a move. Some Seattle moving companies these days do quotes over the phone, which is an added convenience but has a potential cost.  North Coast Moving and Storage is a firm believer in doing in homes estimates and for good reason.  The cost could be spending more than originally thought on a move.  This is because without a trained move coordinator coming to your home and actually seeing everything which will get you the most accurate quote possible. Somethings that could lead to a higher cost could be: Narrow doorways, Stairs, Being able to accurately judge how much still and how many boxes you will need,And More.

Not doing an in home estimate means that the moving processional who is making you a quote never sees things that could increase the cost of your move and therefore be giving you a lower quote and then having to charge you move at the move. Get the right number the first time and don't get surprised when you see the bill.