Moving to Hawaii

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Moving to Hawaii

When looking to move to Hawaii, use North Coast Moving & Storage for your big move. Whether looking for a single-family home on the island of Oahu or one of the other Hawaiian Islands, living in Hawaii can be much different from living in Seattle or the surrounding suburbs.

Cost of living in Hawaii compared to Seattle

One thing to consider is the cost of living in Hawaii. Compared to Seattle, living in Honolulu is roughly 20% to 30% higher as the cost of food and transportation are higher. Real estate is also more expensive in Honolulu and the islands of Hawaii. The cost of apartments in Hawaii are generally higher than the apartments in Washington and the Seattle suburbs as well. Many new residents that moved to Maui and the islands of Hawaii find the overall cost of living on the islands to be of the biggest reasons to move back to the contiguous United States.

Bringing pets to Hawaii

Bringing your pets to Hawaii can be another issue as Hawaii has a quarantine that is designed to protect the pet and human populations from the spread of rabies. Keep this in mind when considering your move to Hawaii and ask a real estate agent more about this special quarantine.

Finding a job in Hawaii

Looking to find a job in Hawaii? Some of the biggest employers in Hawaii are the Hawaii State Department of Education, Queen’s Medical Center, and the Bank of Hawaii.  Consider reaching out to a recruiter at one of these organizations before making your big move to Hawaii.

Moving to the Big Island of Hawaii can be a life-changing experience as the Big Island of Hawaii has two active volcanoes within Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. The Big Island also has a number of active beaches including Hapuna Beach and Kahalu’u Beach Park. If you are looking at getting closer to nature and exploring these active volcanoes and beaches, book your next move with North Coast Moving & Storage.

The North Shore of Oahu offers some of the best surfing and snorkeling in the world. This section of Oahu also offers 51 beaches across 11 miles for some of the best coastline in the world. The Dole Plantation is also nearby where you can view tours of the pineapple fields and beautiful tropical gardens.

Planning a Hawaii Move

Your move to Hawaii starts with a free in-home estimate by one of our moving specialists. One of our team members will arrive at your house and assess how much will be moving to Hawaii. From there, we can put together a moving estimate to get you started. Once the details are planned, your relocation specialist will help walk you through the process and timeline of moving to Hawaii where you can regularly take in the beauty of the the active volcanoes and see the historical sites like Pearl Harbor and Washington Place.

When deciding what to bring to Hawaii, try to keep the move as simple as possible as this will cut down on the overall cost of the move. Additionally, there is not the need to bring the bulky winter gear to Hawaii as the winter months do not get as cold as Seattle winters.

Moving Supplies for Hawaii

Our Seattle-based moving team can help set you up with everything you need for your move to Hawaii. Our team can handle:

  • Full-service packing
  • Packing supplies
  • Protection of floors, railings, and door frames while moving
  • Debris removal

Moving back to the contiguous United States

If at some point you decide to move back to the mainland from Hawaii, contact North Coast Moving & Storage, and we can arrange your move back to the contiguous United States.