Planning An International Move

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Planning An International Move

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Moving can be an exciting adventure, as it is usually the starting point of a new chapter in life. Moving to another country can be especially thrilling, as it allows people to experience daily living in a completely new way. While moving from one state to another can be a challenge; the preparations needed to live overseas can seem overwhelming. The highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals at North Coast Moving & Storage can help make the transition to another country a smooth one and an enjoyable experience. Here are some important topics to consider when preparing to make an international move.


For most people, finding a job is at the top of their priority list as they think about relocating outside of the United States. If your current position has flexible hours or the ability to be performed from just about anywhere, your employer may allow you to work from a remote location. Modern technology has provided many people the opportunity to work from any location that has access to the internet, a telephone, and a computer.

Ask your employer if this option is available to you. Another good strategy is to secure the services of a professional employment agency in the country in which you want to live. These companies have an excellent feel for the local job market and can help with resumes and the interview process.

Work Permits & Visas

In addition to finding a job, people who want to relocate internationally must also seek approval from their host country to legally work there. Experts advise applying for a work permit at least a month in advance before you leave the U.S. and remember that they are always tied to a specific job. Some countries require an offer letter of employment, while others may want to see an executed contract. Lastly, remember that a visa is very different from a work permit. Visas allow visitors to merely enter and visit a country, while a work permit provides the opportunity to be employed there.

Do You Need An International Driver’s License?

Whether you plan on driving in your host country or not, having an international driver’s license (IDL) is a good idea. If it turns out that you will not have a car, this license is another acceptable form of photo identification. Currently, over 150 nations recognize the IDL, and one can be obtained without any written or road tests. It is also proof that you hold a valid driver’s license in your home country. You can request that your international driver’s license be translated into the language of your host nation. If you rent a car after you move overseas, you will most likely be asked to present an IDL at the rental agency desk.

International Moving Specialists In Seattle

Since first opening our doors in 1947, North Coast Moving & Storage has helped thousands of individuals and families with all of their international moving needs. Whether you have just a few things to move or an entire household, we can take care of everything. Being a premier partner of Allied Van Lines, we have access to an international network of moving professionals who will expertly handle your move from start to finish.

In addition to moving your belongings overseas, we offer full packing services, as well as assistance with customs clearance upon arrival at your destination country. We will also assign you a highly experienced, dedicated moving coordinator to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Whether you are moving to the U.K., Australia, India, or anywhere else, you can count on us to put our seven decades of knowledge and experience to work for you.