Business Moving Checklist

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Regardless of the size of a business or industry, moving to a new location can be a challenging experience. Not only do all of the logistics of the actual move need to be managed, but the business must also stay open and operational during the transition.

For decades, our team of professionals has been providing the finest moving and storage services for companies all over the Seattle area and the great state of Washington. Many of our customers over the years have asked us about how to streamline the office moving process.

Even before you pack the first box, here are some highlights of an effective business relocation checklist that can be used to help things go very smoothly. 

Six months before the move

  • business_checklistRelocation Task Force. Ask a representative from each department to participate in a moving committee to discuss the details of a new location, the specific needs of each operational area and any other information that would be helpful. 
  • Create An Employee Survey. Many companies in the early stages of a relocation effort will take an employee survey regarding the best location of the new office, the amenities it will offer and input that employees feel is important. 
  • Set A Moving Date - By finalizing a moving date, everyone in the company can work backward toward preparing for the big day. Knowing the actual moving date will give each department the chance to create their own timeline and get everything in order to be ready for the movers to arrive. 

90 days before your move 

  • Create A Server, Computer & Phone Moving Strategy – One of the toughest challenges of moving an office to a new location is putting together a plan to move the company’s phone and computer systems. Work with the I/T team and department managers to develop a timeline in order to shut down and pack this equipment as late in the moving process as possible, so that employees can continue to be productive. Be sure to also back up all company data before everything is moved.  
  • Develop A Color-Coded Labeling System - Staying organized is the key to a successful office relocation project. Assign a label color code to each department that they can apply to their boxes and crates. The color code strategy allows each department to keep all of their belongings together during the move. When it is time to unload the truck at the new office, the color system will be a great help in getting everything delivered to the right location. 
  • Determine A Point Person From Each Department- Having one central contact from each department will simplify communication efforts and go a long way in keeping everything organized overall. The appointed spokesperson can be responsible for relaying all needed information to their departmental management and staff. 

On moving day 

  • Check Status Of ID Cards & Keys To The New Location – Moving day is a good time to ensure that all employees’ ID cards, keys, and parking passes are working properly at the new office. Checking this early in the moving process will prevent any loss of productivity from occurring during the first few days after the move is completed.    
  • First Things First – Work with your moving company’s account manager to make sure that the most important tasks of getting the business back up and running are accomplished first. Setting up the network servers, as well as employee workstations and phones should be prioritized over less critical projects. 

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