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Professional Movers Are a Must for Cross-Country Relocation

Jul 08, 2018


Whether you’re crossing the country to start a new job, to get married, or for any other reason, moving long-distance can be a physical, mental, and emotional challenge. Not only will you have to deal with the complicated logistics of your actual moving experience, you’re also likely to be dealing with the psychological stress that’s simply part and parcel of most major life changes.
At North Coast Moving & Storage, we’re dedicated to helping our customers make smooth, organized, and stress-free moves across the country and around the world. We know what it takes to make your relocation a success, no matter the size or scope of your moving project, or the distance you’re traveling to get to your new destination.

If you’re planning on relocating far away from your home state, professional moving services like the ones we provide at North Coast Moving & Storage can give you the peace of mind you deserve when making a move across the country. In this article, we’ll go over the ways our Seattle cross country movers can take on the stress of the moving experience for you, and how taking on the immense task of moving by yourself can easily result in disaster.

Planning Your Move

Whether you’re planning your move by yourself or hiring a professional moving service, it’s always best to begin planning the logistics of your relocation as early as possible. In our experience, you should start planning your long-distance move as early as two to three months before moving day happens, and even sooner for cross-country moves. 

A professional moving service will provide you with a free, in-home moving consultation and a no-obligation pricing estimate. At North Coast Moving & Storage, we connect our customers with a personal moving coordinator who will help you choose the exact services you need while planning a detailed strategy that suits your timeline and your budget. You’ll also have access to quality packing materials and other resources you may need while preparing for moving day. As professional Seattle interstate movers, we have plenty of experience with cross-country relocation and know exactly what needs to be done to avoid hassles, delays, and other problems when moving day finally arrives. Moving can be incredibly complicated without the right plan, and our professional movers will make sure you’re on track and organized for a perfectly streamlined moving experience.

Packing Up and Shipping Out

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work that goes into moving a household across town—let alone across an entire country. For most people, simply finding the time to pack their things can prove to be an impossible task and hiring someone to do it for them can be an enormous relief.

At North Coast Moving & Storage, our hardworking moving professionals know how frustrating and overwhelming packing can be, which is why we provide comprehensive packing and unpacking services for long-distance relocation. As an agent of Allied Van Lines, our team has access to the most state-of-the-art moving equipment and packing materials available and utilize the best practices for keeping your items safe and well-protected throughout the moving process.

Our Seattle interstate moving company also specializes in the shipping of specialty items—from heavy equipment and high-value art, vehicles and more. With North Coast Moving & Storage, we’ll make sure your item arrives safely to its new destination according to your timeline, whether it’s going to your new location or to one of our storage facilities, or a completely different destination in another country.

Kick Back, Relax, While We Unpack

Let’s be honest. DIY moving is certainly doable, but it’s an exhausting process under any circumstances, especially for long-distance relocation. Moving to another state without the help of a professional team of experts means weeks of emotional stress, backbreaking work, and a very long drive to get to your destination—your new home on the other side of the country.

Unfortunately, for those that choose to move themselves, arriving isn’t the end of your journey—you still have the enormous task of unpacking and truck rental return ahead of you. After all of that work, stress, and exhaustion, it’s difficult to even think about all of the unloading and unpacking you still have to do.

In comparison, hiring professional movers will take care of everything for you. Our expert team of Seattle interstate movers will make sure your things are properly unpacked and set up so that you can focus on more important things—like adjusting to your new home in another state.

If you’re interested in learning more about our top-rated, comprehensive moving solutions at North Coast Moving & Storage, give us a call today. We would love to speak with you about the logistics of your cross-country move, and how we can help you facilitate the process with our superior moving services. You can also schedule a free, in-home pricing estimate now, just fill out our quick online form to get started.