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As the owner of a healthcare facility, nothing is quite as stressful as planning a move. Along with issues of personnel schedules, building codes, and patient confidentiality, you must worry about transporting your most essential—and expensive—medical equipment.It may be tempting to hire the commercial movers who offer the lowest estimate, but we’d strongly advise against it.

Why Hire Professional Lab and Medical Equipment Movers?

Few items in the world are as challenging to move as medical equipment. Built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, medical equipment can be:

  • Bulky and extremely heavy
  • Delicate or even breakable
  • Heat-, cold- and humidity-sensitive
  • Precisely calibrated or magnetic

Given the unique sensitivity of medical equipment, you simply can’t afford to work with unskilled commercial movers. A single instance of poor packing or amateur loading can result not only in millions of dollars in damage—it can also keep your patients from receiving life-saving care.

To keep your equipment safe and your facility operational, you need a professional team of Seattle medical equipment movers with the proper experience and resources – and training – to handle your valuable medical machines and fragile lab equipment.

Three Tips for Finding Reliable Seattle Medical Equipment Movers

Deciding to go with professionals for your medical move is the first step—now you need to be sure you’re hiring a qualified team! Here are three simple things to look for with your Seattle lab movers:

1. Clear project management

Although any move benefits from a clear strategy, medical moves absolutely require meticulous project management. After all, you can’t have a deep freezer sitting out in the heat for hours or have an MRI machine delivered before the room is ready. Look for sure signs of expert project management:

  • Written cost estimates
  • A dedicated move coordinator and single point of contact
  • Affiliation with a reputable van line
  • Clear insurance options
  • Years of experience as Seattle medical equipment movers

2. A safe delivery plan

Forming a delivery plan is part project management, part resources. After all, even the best plan will fail without the right equipment. To choose Seattle medical movers who have the capability to protect and deliver your sensitive equipment, ask about:

  • Climate-controlled trucks
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Specialized packing and crating options
  • Pad-wrapping and other protection

3. Skilled employees

The key to an effective medical move isn’t just the equipment; it’s also the employees! Above all, you must be sure that your movers have the skill and training to move any kind of medical equipment—from sensitive electron microscopes to bulky fume hoods.

Here’s a helpful tip: Most companies advertise skilled employees, but it’s always best to check for yourself. Check for things like BBB accreditation, ProMover Status, and positive reviews from past customers.

Start Your Medical Move Today

If you’re planning a challenging relocation for your medical facility, don’t try to handle it alone. Trust the experienced Seattle medical movers of North Coast Moving & Storage! For any type of medical move, we offer the clear project management, state-of-the-art resources, and skilled employees you can rely on. To get started with more information and a free written cost estimate, give us a call or complete our quick online form now.

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