Time and time again, Bellevue is popping up as one of the best places to live, not only in Washington State, but in the country as well. Why does Bellevue rank so high among countless other major cities? Here’s why.

Just 25 minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue offers the same urban, big city feel while simultaneously offering a less crowded, more personal atmosphere.

With tons of technologically savvy companies nestled downtown, Bellevue serves as the perfect place for the lover of modernity and all things tech-related, however it isn’t just for the gadget lovers. Bellevue is just minutes from mountains, hikes, parks, gardens, and lakes, making it equally appealing to the outdoorsy.

Live in your own personal lap of luxury in Bellevue and indulge in the spectacular views, fast-paced lifestyle, and urban paradise this city has to offer.

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