Population: 140,000

If you’re planning on a move to California this summer, our residential moving services can help you get there. Consider moving to Sunnyvale, one of the more popular cities located in the San Francisco Bay area.

Sunnyvale is home to a number of parks and golf courses—the perfect way to enjoy the warm temperatures of California. Looking for a different way to enjoy the sun? Pack your bicycle for your move and try biking around the city. Sunnyvale is listed as a bicycle friendly community, providing the opportunity to bike to work, or perhaps just enjoy a bike ride.

According to FBI crime reports, Sunnyvale is listed as one of the top ten safest cities in the United States.

A 20-minute drive can take you to San Jose, the third largest city in the state. An hour drive puts you on the coast to enjoy the California beaches!

Whether considering a long-distance move or an intrastate move, we can get you to your new destination!

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