Moving out of state and across the country can rack up expenses quite quickly. Lower the costs and the hassle of your long-distance move by opting for shipping services for your belongings and vehicles. Using shipping solutions from a reliable moving company like North Coast Moving & Storage means that your belongings will be transported with the same quality care without the added costs of travel expenses. How do the savings add up? We’ve outlined some common and rarely considered expenses associated with long-distance moving that can be reduced by professional specialized moving and shipping services.

Travel costs of not hiring movers

Gas, food, hotel, and any other daily expenses that add up when your long-distance move is also a family road-trip can be greatly reduced by opting to hire professional movers to ship your household goods instead.

Unnecessary wear and tear on your car

When you’re driving your own cars to your new location across the country, it’s more than just the expense of filling up the tank several times along the way. Hidden costs like the mileage and wear-and-tear of your car cause the expensive maintenance and tire replacement to be needed much more quickly. And the potential breakdown on a long trip can make repairs and delays also part of the list.

Fewer drivers than vehicles?

Whether you have more cars than drivers, more cars than necessary to drive or simply want your entire family together during the move, vehicle shipping is a viable option to save you money. Avoid the hassle of driving automobiles separately and the ballooning costs associated with more wheels on the road.

Secondary and specialty vehicles

Does your family have a motorcycle, four-wheeler, dirt bike or other vehicles suited for recreation but not long-distance moves? For out-of-state or cross-country relocations, driving secondary vehicles like these can become both a hazard and a cost, especially when you may face ever-changing weather conditions. Shipping of motorcycles and other specialty vehicle moving services can help protect you and your vehicles.

For your next cross-country and out of state move, depend on North Coast Moving to ship your belongings and vehicles safely and securely. Our shipping and storage services will help make your relocation less stressful, more pleasant, and of course, affordable. Call one of our moving specialists today to learn more, or fill out our online quick-quote form for a free estimate.

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