When moving, you move your home you move everything including pets.  Now if you have been a long term pet owner you know that most animals do not do well with huge changes.  Moving is a very big change and can be a very stressful time for pets.  One thing to keep in mind when animals get stressed out they act differently.  Often cats will try to hide, which can cause problems because you don’t your cat to hide in something that is being loaded on the moving truck (especially if it is a long distance move). 

To prepare for your move you want to usually keep your pet where you know they are.  If they have a travel or a kennel you might want to put them in there while the moves are there.  Often pets feel very safe and secure in they kennel and this can bring them some peace during the move.  This will also help prevent them from running away as doors are often left open during a move leaving a lot of time for a dog or cat to run outside.