Move For Hunger is an organization that works directly with moving companies across the country to bring awareness to hunger and collect food for food banks.

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Working together with Move For Hunger, North Coast Moving & Storage helps supply food for The Food Bank @ St. Mary's at 611 20th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98144. View Larger Map Hunger is a problem that we may not directly see but that doesn't make it any less a problem facing our neighborhoods, communities, and country.

Here are some facts that hit home:
  • More than 650,000 people receive emergency food assistance in Western Washington.
  • 47% of those are children.
  • In 2011 the Food Bank @ St. Mary's served meals to over 69,000 families.
  • The number of people relying on this assistance is increasing
At North Coast Moving & Storage we deal in the moving and storage industry every day. We see firsthand all the things that go straight to the dumpster during household and business moves.
  • Food in pantries gets thrown away
  • Canned goods are thrown away
  • Dried foods like pasta and rice thrown away
Lots of just people, just like you, want to do their part and donate. Sometimes there just isn't enough awareness of where to donate food.
Our movers and drivers at North Coast Moving & Storage are more than happy to be the middle men that facilitate the donations. We make donations to The Food Bank @ St. Mary's and would really appreciate if your household would let us move your non-perishable foods and lead it to a better cause.
Across our great nation that is known as a first world country, over 50 million Americans just don't know when their next meal will be. That uncertainty is unacceptable especially since 17 million children go to bed hungry every night.
We all know that household moves take up a huge part of your everyday lives leading up to the move. We just ask that you set aside canned and non-perishable foods so we can repurpose it for a great cause.
Together we can do our part in the war against hunger.
Thank you for your support,
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Move For Hunger